Wednesday, June 24, 2015

139 poems about the moon #2

swollen belly half moon,
waiting for penny to drop,
the shoe to fall.

swollen belly half moon,
pregnant with all my desires
pregnant with all my silent longings.

look how easily we fool ourselves.
look how easily we fall for your sly tricks,
the weight of your oppression,
your cunning tricks of language.

you, who were in the garden of eden.
you, who were in my living room last night.
same moon. same half-truths
and concocted lies.

i won't fall for your trickery again.
i won't!

but, oh, swollen belly half moon.
how i love your sensuous curves,
your back bent to the night,
the curve of your lips,
the play of your laughter.

yes, swollen belly half moon,
feigning shyness, fawning affection!
yes, swollen belly half moon,
i don't care where you've been,
or what you've done.

swollen belly half moon,
is this a splendid grace?
is this a fool-hardy forgiveness?
something in-between, perhaps?

who knows, who cares?
swollen belly half moon,
i love you.

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