Saturday, July 4, 2015

139 poems about the moon: #3

dear full moon,

things i've been wanting to say to you:

  1. sometimes i think you're not listening to me. 
  2. you seem distracted whenever i'm around.
  3. your mind always seems to be somewhere else.
  4. you say 'i love you' as you're looking away.
  5. you exhaust me. 
  6. you constantly demand my attention. 
  7. you seem to have a thing for pleiades. i'm not sure which one of the seven sisters you love the most. maybe several of them. maybe all of them. 
  8. you're a drama queen.
  9. you act like you're life is in a perpetual state of tragedy. 
  10. you're so hard done by.
  11. you act like you're the only person whose opinions matter.
  12. i do get a little said when you're leaving town.
  13. when you're gone i miss you terribly.
  14. i can't live without you.

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