Sunday, June 21, 2015

139 poems about the moon #1

you are the heavy lidded eye of horus.
you are the scimitar, waving above the russian steppes.
you are the crescent moon, balefully watching over the arabian peninsula.

when i asked you t be my guardian, you refused.
when i asked you to guide my hand, you looked away.
when i asked you to fence my fate, you grew silent.

how long must i remain here, alone?
how long must i count my every breath?
how long must i wander these plains,
      looking for life, for some spark of the divine?

tonight, i will sit by the fire and contemplate my existence.
tomorrow, i will kill wolves with my bare hands,
tomorrow night, i will sing and dance among the townsfolk.

and you will remain silent above it all.

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