Sunday, November 30, 2014

this is not a feminist poem

somewhere in the world tonight
a bus driver is pulling out of the station,
a cop is lighting a cigarette,
a shop-keeper is sweeping the floor,
a soldier is cleaning a rifle,
a mechanic is searching for an oil leak,
a cab driver is waiting for a fare,
a bartender is polishing glasses,
a trucker is backing up to a loading dock,
a factory worker is punching in at the time clock,
a chef is stirring a cassoulet,
an electrician is inspecting a breaker panel,
a construction worker is setting up a pair of sawhorses,
a tow-truck driver is parked at the side of the highway,
a welder is donning a pair of gloves
and in a garage, somewhere in scarborough,
the drummer in a punk band is belting it out on the skins,
wondering why people keep referring to them
as 'an all-girl band'.

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